“Music in the Key of Life

                                            ….and Death”

a unique concert by Bill Cohen

Playing guitar and piano, Bill will sing songs about different aspects of death  – loss, acceptance, violence, memories.    A few songs will be humorous, but most will be serious.  Some  clues to the songlist: Pete Seeger, Tom Dooley, Phil Ochs, Danny Boy, John Prine, Teen Angel, Eddie Fisher, Swing Low Sweet Chariot,  & Louis Armstrong

Also:  inspiring songs about how our realization that we will all someday die can liberate us to live our lives more fully.

Admission is free,

but donations are gratefully accepted.

Half of the proceeds will go to Funeral Consumers Alliance of Central Ohio.

It encourages people to plan their funerals in advance, so they can be more affordable and not subject to financial manipulation in a time of sorrow.

Sunday July 12   -  7 to 8:30 p.m.

At the food pantry building run by the

Clintonville Community Resource Center  

14 W. Lakeview Rd

Columbus, OH 43202

For more info, contact Bill at (614) 263-3851 or billcohen@columbus.rr.com